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"When witches don’t fight, we burn."

— Anonymous said: i had an idea for a smutty fic one of you could write, if you like: remember in one of the Devil's fanfics, Langdon threatens Tate? He says something like "if you bite my dick off I'll superglue your eyelids open and make you watch how I fuck Violet in any and every way I can imagine". What if that actually happens?

Hmmm, what if it does? I will discuss this with my writing partner in crime.


I finally finished my series of American horror story tarot cards! =)


Better quality scan of my Cordelia Foxx piece.


#AHSCoven ’The Dead' 3x07  #AmericanHorrorStory #ahsfx

Misty could reach into that place between life and death and draw a soul back from the precipice, back to this side, back to life. To some, this appeared to be the god-touched power of resurrection. To others, necromancy.


Coven Fanmix - There is a house in New Orleans

The House of The Rising Sun - Lauren O’Connell /// Sisters of The Moon - Fleetwood Mac /// Blinding - Florence + The Machine /// Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Lorde /// Bad Girls - M.I.A. /// I prefer your love - St. Vincent /// Spectrum - Florence + The Machine /// Seven Wonders - Fleetwood Mac /// Future - Paramore

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